Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Memorable Quotes

François-Marie Arouet (November 211694 – May 301778), famous using his pen nameVoltaire, was a French writer, deist and philosopher.

One always speaks badly when one has nothing to say.
[On parle toujours mal quand on n'a rien à dire.]
"Commentaires sur Corneille, Oeuvres complètes de Voltaire (1827)."

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.
[Il est dangereux d’avoir raison dans des choses où des hommes accrédités ont tort.]
"Catalogue pour la plupart des écrivains français qui ont paru dans Le Siècle de Louis XIV, pour servir à l'histoire littéraire de ce temps, Le Siècle de Louis XIV (1752)"

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.
[Il y a eu des gens qui ont dit autrefois: Vous croyez des choses incompréhensibles, contradictoires, impossibles, parce que nous vous l’avons ordonné; faites donc des choses injustes parce que nous vous l’ordonnons. Ces gens-là raisonnaient à merveille. Certainement qui est en droit de vous rendre absurde est en droit de vous rendre injuste. Si vous n’opposez point aux ordres de croire l’impossible l’intelligence que Dieu a mise dans votre esprit, vous ne devez point opposer aux ordres de malfaire la justice que Dieu a mise dans votre coeur. Une faculté de votre âme étant une fois tyrannisée, toutes les autres facultés doivent l’être également. Et c’est là ce qui a produit tous les crimes religieux dont la terre a été inondée.]

Formerly there were those who said: You believe things that are incomprehensible, inconsistent, impossible because we have commanded you to believe them; go then and do what is unjust because we command it. Such people show admirable reasoning.Truly, whoever is able to make you absurd is able to make you unjust. If the God-given understanding of your mind does not resist a demand to believe what is impossible, then you will not resist a demand to do wrong to that God-given sense of justice in your heart. As soon as one faculty of your soul has been dominated, other faculties will follow as well. And from this derives all those crimes of religion which have overrun the world.
"Questions sur les miracles (1765)"

It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.
[Il est bien malaisé (puisqu’il faut enfin m’expliquer) d’ôter à des insensés des chaînes qu’ils révèrent.]  
"Le dîner du comte de Boulainvilliers (1767): Troisième Entretien."

If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
[Si Dieu n'existait pas, il faudrait l'inventer.]
"Épître à l'Auteur du Livre des Trois Imposteurs (10 November 1770)."

Virtue supposes liberty, as the carrying of a burden supposes active force. Under coercion there is no virtue, and without virtue there is no religion. Make a slave of me, and I shall be no better for it. Even the sovereign has no right to use coercion to lead men to religion, which by its nature supposes choice and liberty. My thought is no more subject to authority than is sickness or health.

[La vertu suppose la liberté, comme le transport d’un fardeau suppose la force active. Dans la contrainte point de vertu, et sans vertu point de religion. Rends-moi esclave, je n’en serai pas meilleur. Le souverain même n’a aucun droit d’employer la contrainte pour amener les hommes à la religion, qui suppose essentiellement choix et liberté. Ma pensée n’est pas plus soumise à l’autorité que la maladie ou la santé.]
"Canon Law: Ecclesiastical Ministry" (1771).

A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets.
Napoleon Bonaparte.
"Journal of International Affairs, By Columbia University. School of International Affairs, 1976, pg 94."

Monday, March 30, 2015

Methods That Police Use on the Mentally Ill Are Madness

Via Carpe Diem blog at AEI:
Why do so many American cops believe that shooting a schizophrenic man dead for failing to drop a screwdriver is an acceptable outcome? In the disturbing and graphic video below, watch Dallas police officers use excessive deadly force to shoot and kill Jason Harrison, a black man with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder, who was holding a small screwdriver. His mother has called the police for assistance getting her son Jason to the hospital because he was off his meds. Maybe they could have used a stun gun or pepper spray?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Boyhood is not a Pathololgy

The key to this wonderful ode to boyhood is action.   I believe this is a core attribute of maleness - young or old.

Recently I read this article "Is the ‘Female Way of Learning’ Destroying Boyhood?" in which she identifies 1990 when feminist Carol Gilligan identified boys as defective girls who needed to be changed - that the beginning of the end for boys was neigh.

For millions of years, males have been perfecting the art of “maleness,” and this maleness was considered throughout historical time to be extremely valuable to the functioning and maintenance of society (Stolzer, 2005). What are we to do now that, for the first time in the history of humankind, we have defined these ancient and uniquely male traits as pathological? The answer is that we have constructed a myriad of disorders (i.e., behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, and so on) that are currently rampant in the education system and in many instances require that male children use pharmaceutical drugs in order to alter their behavioral patterns so that they will conform to the scripts set forth by their female constituents (Stolzer, 2005). Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, Volume 10, Number 2, 2008
Taking that incidence to its conclusion is feminism - including this (supposed) story that also popped up in Feb - a feminist bragging how happy she was that she had aborted her boy fetus.
Last week social media jumped on the story of a woman who supposedly decided to have a late-term abortion specifically because she found out she was having a boy. Based on a near-anonymous comment posted on an Internet forum, the story is highly questionable at best. Nevertheless, both pro- and anti-abortion advocates pounced on the missive.
If true - this is proof that we are - literally - creating another gendercide.

It another article this mother notes:
True to their own biological nature the boys talked a bit less, but hugged twice as much. The simple reality of gender (one that we often tend to ignore) is that what boys don’t express verbally they express physically, emotions being at the top of the list.
Women can have a three hour in-depth conversation about an issue that would inspire a man to sit, listen, absorb and respond with a hug and a “I’m sorry.” Depending on the situation it can be enough to drive a woman nuts. We dig words. Quite often, a man’s words are in his deeds. 
It’s a biological communication gap that contemporary feminism, with its disregard for biological gender cues, tends to ignore far too often at the peril of both boys and girls.
Again - it is actions that are important - not words.

Therapist Tom Golden has made a point of studying the grief process of men - and written about it in "The Way Men Heal" and "Swallowed by a Snake"

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Freedom of Speech controversy erupts on a U.S campus

Last week I heard about this incident of a male student (Jerimiah True) being ejected from a University Humanities course by his Prof on account of his disruptive behavior over a debate about Rape/Sexual Assault in the U.S.

Here is image of student, Mr. True.  

And his Prof. Pancho Savery - at Reed University in Oregon.

True now says that despite Savery's strong support of Free Speech - he did not believe it what he debated but how he debated.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Children of Feminist Icons

I still recall reading about the shocking childhood of Rebecca Walker - who's mother Alice was a  prominent feminists icon & writer.

It would appear that this trend of child neglect/emotional abuse appears to be a recurring theme for Feminists and I point to AVFM contributor/commentator - Janet Bloomfield's article on the topic here.

A UK contemporary of US Abortion Movement founder Margaret Sangster was Marie Stopes. While not a strident advocate of abortions she was a strong supporter of birth control methods - and most controversially, Eugenics.  Her first marriage ended badly but by 1917 she had a son Harry - with second* husband Humphrey Roe in 1924.  Humphry Roe was a well known WW1 Flying Ace and Industrialist of A.V. Roe Aircraft - who were a primary supplier of aircraft to the UK Government in WW1.  Marie Stopes was also known to have a "strong personality" -which lead to the breaking of both husbands.  Her son - Harry - seems to have suffered continuously as a child from her feminist theories and general eccentricities.

This sad treatment continued even after Harry married Mary Eyre Wallis - daughter of noted engineer Barnes Wallis.  Marie did not favour this choice of bride as she feared that it introduced a genetic flaw of "nearsightedness" into their family line that would effect her grandchildren - and so she removed Harry from her will before her death in 1935.

Harry became an well-known advocate for the British Humanist Movement and indeed was still its Vice-President when he died in May 2014.

* Stope's first husband was rather surprisingly a Canadian Geneticist - Reginald Gates.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Ex-Premier Alison Redford reflects on her resignation 1 year ago

One year ago on March 19, 2014 - Alison Redford announced her resignation as Premier of Alberta - launching a leadership contest that will soon lead to a Provincial Election under new PC Alberta leader, Jim Prentice.

She gave an extensive interview to the Globe & Mail yesterday.

It seems that after 1 year self-reflections were accurate.  Although she did not say her gender was the reason for her people disliking her, she admitted to being "polarizing" and fact she had very little support at the start contributed to her failure.  Gender was not a factor except she felt that there was a double standard in her being a mother when it came to having her daughter accompany her on various trips around the province.

There has not (yet) been the critical feminist chorus as there was when former-Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was ousted.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

International Parental Abductions

I recently read about this case that the CBC TV Investigative Team "Go Public" reported upon.

RCMP removed mom from plane, then let her go; Craig Johnstone blames them for loss of his child

Craig Johnstone distraught over police handling of alleged parental abduction

Here are some hilights from RCMP Child Abductions Study:
  • In 2005, there were 349 Canadian parental abduction incidents reported to Canadian police agencies; 157 of the parents had a custody order and 192 did not. Parents without a custody order abducted most often (Dalley, Reference Report 2005).
  • In 2014, there were 122 Parental Abductions. (Fast Facts 2014)

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Catholic Deconstruction of Feminism

I can across this interview with Dawn Eden after reading an article she wrote in April 2008 entitled:

Eve of Deconstruction: Feminism and John Paul II by Dawn Eden.  

I encourage everyone to read it.

Here are some interviews with Dawn Eden about her two books, Thrill of the Chaste and My Peace I give You.

Theory of Cultural Collapse

Recently I read this post on the Return of Kings blog - The Theory of Cultural Collapse.

Bang on!

Most Western nations are looking at such a catastrophe and there appears to only be minor concern about it - we are facing a blue pill vs red pill moment if you will.

But - what can we do about it?

Here is the overview.

What Is A Cultural Collapse?

Cultural collapse is the decline, decay, or disappearance of a native population’s rituals, habits, interpersonal communication, relationships, art, and language. It coincides with a relative decline of population compared to outside groups. National identity and group identification will be lost while revisionist history will be applied to demonize or find fault with the native population. Cultural collapse is not to be confused with economic or state collapse. A nation that suffers from a cultural collapse can still be economically productive and have a working government.
First I will share a brief summary of the cultural collapse progression before explaining them in more detail. Then I will discuss where I see many countries along its path.

The Cultural Collapse Progression

1. Removal of religious narrative from people’s lives, replaced by a treadmill of scientific and technological “progress.”
2. Elimination of traditional sex roles through feminism, gender equality, political correctness, cultural Marxism, and socialism.
3. Delay or abstainment of family formation by women to pursue careerist lifestyles while men wait in confused limbo.
4. Decreasing birth rate among native population.
5. Government enactment of open immigration policies to prevent economic collapse.
6. Immigrant refusal to fully acclimate, forcing host culture to adopt external rituals and beliefs while being out-reproduced.
7. Natives becoming marginalized in their own country.
The details are on the blog here.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ten + 9 years after

On Jan 25, 1996 Alberta QB Justice Joanne Veit issued her ruling on the case of Leilani Muir - marking the end of an unsavory era in Alberta history - the period of eugenic sterilization that began in 1928.  By 1928, forced sterilizations were performed in over 30 U.S States and various countries. Such eugenics programs suffered negative publicity during the post-WWII Nuremberg Trials and many such programs were abandoned throughout the free world after that - except for Alberta that continued until 1971.

Leilani herself was sterilized on Jan 19, 1959 at age 11 after being told (falsely) that she was undergoing an appendectomy that was needed.   Her mother had abandoned her as an unwanted burden to the Michener Institution for Mental Defectives in Red Deer - and due to a series of mis-communications by various doctors and bureaucrats, Leilani was never properly evaluated or tested.   Soon after she was sterilized it became clear to staff that she did not have below-average mental ability and that she was closer to normal than credited and could have been properly educated and integrated into society.

Leilani did not find out about her sterilization until she was unable to conceive during her first marriage.  This led her first marriage to fail and in her second marriage, attempts at adoption were sabotaged by false insinuations of child abuse due to her presence at the Michener Institution.

Here is the Wikipedia background noting that three of the "Famous Five Feminists" who advocated for the right of women to vote (Emily Murphy,  Henrietta Edwards and Louise McKinney) were also major proponents of this Alberta Government legislation to protect against "the scourge of moral laxity" promoted by "mental defectives", "male drunkeness", unwanted non-white immigration, "prostitutes" and other inferred moral criminals.  It should be well noted that it was the United Farmers of Alberta - (Brownlee Liberals) who designed and introduced this legislation and not the Social Credit Party (who under William Aberhart inherited a conservative mantle but with a unique brand of populist monetary theory and swept to power in the August 1935 Provincial Election). 

The Bill was sponsored and introduced by the then Minister of Agriculture and Health for Alberta, the Honourable George Hoadley.   During Second Reading of the Bill, Mr. Hoadley referred to the "need for the state to be protected from the menace which the propagation by the mentally diseased brings about" (Edmonton Journal, 1928a).  Likewise, during Third Reading of the Bill, Premier Brownlee is reported as stating that the Bill applied only to those who were a "menace to the community" (Edmonton Journal, 1928b).  During Second Reading, Mr. Hoadley stated that: 
"If it is quantity of production of the human race that is desired, then we don't need this Bill, but if we want quality, then it is a different matter" (Medicine Hat News, 1928)
Likewise, when the National Council of  Women passed a resolution in 1925 calling for the sterilization of mental defectives, the greatest support came from its members in Alberta and British Columbia. These included such prominent women as Nellie McClung and Emily Murphy, who were at the forefront of the campaign for eugenic sterilization in Alberta (Christian, 1974; McLaren, 1990). 
The same connection between sterilization laws, marriage laws, and the eugenics movement is evident in Alberta and British Columbia. A provision prohibiting a marriage where one party was "an idiot, insane or mentally incompetent" was first introduced in Alberta in 1925 (Solemnization of Marriage Act, S.A. 1925, c. 39, s. 29), only three years before the Sexual Sterilization Act. Likewise, a similar marriage prohibition was enacted in British Columbia in 1930, three years prior to that province's Sexual Sterilization Act (Robertson, 1994).
It was the perceived benefits to society, rather than the interests of the individual, which were the driving force behind the Act (Alberta Institute of Law Research and Reform, 1988; 1989).
Among the discredited academics involved in this case was Prof. John M. MacEachran who was founder of the Department of Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Alberta, and served as its first Head. He also served as the University of Alberta’s first Provost. He retired from the University in 1945, and died in 1971 at the age of 94.  He was Chair of the Provincial Alberta Eugenics Board from 1929 to 1965. 

Retrospectively - Prof. MacEachran was heavily criticized for how he handled a number of these decisions. It was noted that over 2800 sterilization decisions were made while the legislation was in force from 1928 - 1972 (44 years or 64/yr) and that each took 10 minutes on average.
One of the most dominant and recurrent themes of eugenics philosophy in the late 19th and early 20th century was the emphasis on this link between mental retardation and criminality, and the consequent "menace" which mental deficiency posed to society. For example, in his influential book published in 1914, Feeble-Mindedness; An Inquiry into its Nature and Consequences, Henry Goddard, a leading specialist in delinquency in the United States, emphasized the correlation between mental retardation and crime, noting that "the Moron ... is a menace to society and civilization ... he is responsible to a large degree for many, if not all of our social problems" (Linn & Bowers, 1978: 627). 
The link between feeblemindedness and crime, and the resulting "menace" to society was also very much alive and well in Canada in the early part of the 20th century. For example, E.W. McBride, the Strathcona Professor of Zoology at McGill University in the early 1900's and a leading proponent of eugenics in Canada, called for the weeding out of prostitutes, criminals and drunkards by means of sterilization. Similarly, the work of Carrie Derick, a professor of botany at McGill and a prominent Montreal feminist, purported to show a high degree of mental deficiency among criminals, which she concluded indicated the need for society to free itself of the "menacing shadow of the mental defective" (McLaren, 1990: 24). 
The same themes are evident in the work of Dr. Helen MacMurchy, a medical doctor and a government inspector of the feebleminded in Ontario from 1906 to 1916. Professor McLaren  describes MacMurchy as the "best-known Canadian defender" of the argument that sterilization was better than segregation as a way of dealing with the menace of feeblemindedness (McLaren, 1990:42). In one of her annual reports, MacMurchy concluded that mental defectives were responsible for up to 60% of society's alcoholics, 66% of its juvenile delinquents, 50% of its unmarried mothers, and possibly 97% of its prostitutes. She expressly endorsed the view originally coined by Henry Goddard, that "every mental defective is a potential criminal" (McLaren, 1990:40). This was also a favourite phrase of Emily Murphy in 1996 (CanLII 7287 (AB QB)) the many speeches which she gave throughout Alberta in the 1920's, espousing the benefits of eugenic sterilization (Christian, 1974).
The emphasis of eugenics philosophy on preventing criminal behaviour is also apparent from the famous judgment of Mr. Justice Holmes in Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927), a decision of the United States Supreme Court upholding the constitutional validity of the sterilization laws of Virginia. In the words of Justice Holmes (at 207):
"It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes ... Three generations of imbeciles are enough."
The Law Reform Commission of Canada described the decision in Buck v. Bell as having validated the "foundation of the eugenists' argument - the belief that mental illness, mental retardation and criminality are inherited" (Law Reform Commission of Canada, 1979: 26). Buck v. Bell unquestionably had an influence on the enactment of the sexual sterilization legislation in Alberta and British Columbia (Alberta Institute of Law Research and Reform, 1988).
The Suffragettes/Feminists including Murphy, Edwards and McKinney were also strong supporters of Liquor Prohibition that was introduced into Canada with support of the Christian Women's Temperance Union (CWTU) as Wartime Measures in 1916-17.

However once the soldiers returned from WWI, the end of formal prohibition was neigh and most  Provincial Liquor Controls Boards were established by 1924.  But a booming trade in illicit, cross-boarder "rum-running" to our American friends took up the slack until U.S Prohibition finally ended in Dec 1933.