Monday, December 05, 2016

Mens Issues

I just watched these 2 group effort YT Videos and thought they were pretty good - and extensively footnoted - so I thought I would reproduce here.

Source Materials:

Male Issues Matter - Part 1
1) Discrimination under the Law
Linked to sexual difficulties (nothing personal to those of you who are circumcised);
Decreases penile sensitivity;
Barely any benefits;
Linked to pain and trauma;
Could lead to increased need for care and medical attention during first few years:
Decreases efficiency of nerve response:

2) Selective Service:
Conditions of U.S Selective Service (Military Draft)
Women have the right to exclusive benefits for being a female business owner:

3) Domestic violence:
References examining assaults by women on their spouses or male partners; (
Domestic violence programs discriminate against male victims;
Physical Abuse Perpetration; Tables of Summarized Studies;
47% of male victims of domestic violence abuse are threatened with arrest and 21% are arrested;
"Almost 24% of all relationships had some violence, and half (49.7%) of those were reciprocally violent. In nonreciprocally violent relationships, women were the perpetrators in more than 70% of the cases [of domestic abuse]";

4) Unequal child custody:

5) UK Rape definition excludes men:
Little Miss Anonymous
6) Male Genital Mutilation
South Africa initiation schools: botched circumcisions, kidnap and death threats
The death and deformity caused by male circumcision in Africa can’t be ignored
32 boys dead in South African initiation season
Toddler Dies after Circumcision at Manhattan Hospital
The psychological impact of circumcision
If you are interested in more information please visit Can-FAP for Canadian viewers ( The Whole Network or Intact America for American Viewers ( ( and CircInfo for Australian viewers (

The gender sentencing gap


Male suicide

Intro vocals - Peach Balie

Male Issues Matter - Part 2
Bunny Blackwell

2. Homelessness – bane666au on homelessness - The other gender divide: where men are losing out - Homelessness is a gendered issue, and it mostly impacts men - The hidden truth about homelessness in England - homelessness in Australia (stats) - Is homelessness a men’s issue (AVFM) – The Male Homeless, by Spetsnaz

5. negative male stereotypes

6. Male disposability (Bennehh)
Gender differences in automatic in-group bias: why do women like women more than men like men?
"We're more likely to sacrifice a man than a woman when it comes to both saving the lives of others and in pursuing our self-interests":
References examining assaults by women on their spouses or male partners: (
Domestic violence programs discriminate against male victims:
Grants that ignore male victims of domestic violence:
Processes explaining the concealment and distortion of evidence on gender symmetry in partner violence:
47% of male victims of domestic violence abuse are threatened with arrest and 21% are arrested:
Women are more likely to use weapons to abuse their husbands:
BBC article:
Duluth model:
Men account for almost all war deaths:
UN Women:
Peach Balie

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Hollywood - between Bertolucci and Polanski - what are you doing?

I just read interview with Italian Film Producer Bernardo Bertolucci about his recently completed bio in which he admits the infamous sodomy scene was REAL - the young actress had no idea what was about to happen - the tears were real.  How sick is this?

This reminds me of Roman Polanski - who fled after released on bail - in case of raping a underage girl - and here is a typical denial by Denizens of Hollywood Left - Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

Aswell as another case with a Canadian angle - story by (black) Canadian Comic about rape of (white Canadian women who was 17 when incident occurred.

Thursday, December 01, 2016


This began with some VERY STRANGE emails between John Podesta, the Clinton Campaign Chairman and his odd, seemingly cryptic codes used.

Yeah - all the WikiLeaks displays of rampant collusion with the media and "Pay-for-Play" disclosures about the Clinton Foundation and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were a damning indictment of the Democrats naked abuse of power.   But this #PizzaGate shit is different - very, very different - and very, very sick

Something evil comes this way.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pablo Neruda

At 3m30s this poem  "The Dead Women" was my first introduction to Pablo Neruda - a wonderful discovery that was further expanded when this film "Il Postino" came out.

[No,] perdóname.                                                                       Forgive me
Si tú no vives,                                                                              If you are not living
si tú, querida, amor mío, si tú                                                  If you beloved, my love, if you
te has muerto,                                                                             have died,
todas las hojas caerán en mi pecho,                                     all the leaves will fall on my breast,
lloverá sobre mi alma noche y día,                                          it will rain on my soul, all night - all day,
mis pies querrán marchar hacia donde tú duermes,          my feet will want to march to where you are sleeping,
pero seguiré vivo,                                                                         but I shall go on living

Neruda has been described as an "apologist" for Stalin - which appears accurate as he was a life-long Socialist but MANY Communist supporters turned into opponents after WW2 - so I find it hard to continue that claim until his death in 1972.  What may not be as well known was that he was most likely targeted for assassination!  He died 61/2 hrs after receiving a mysterious injection in Sept 1973 that he believed was on the orders of General Pinochet who engineered a Coup D'Etat against Socialist President Salvador Allende with CIA support.

Neruda's poems were a revelation it is true - but so was his background - including that he richly deserved his Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Totalitarian Dictator Dies - Zoolander PM fauns

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. 
Karl Marx

Zoolander PM Trudeau displays his historical naivete with effusive praise of dead Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro - generating a humorous hashtag #trudeaueulogies

Now the TRUTH - Castro was a billionaire!   So much for his Communist Regime.  He used it to support himself and his family.

Most of the celebration is hope that his totalitarian legacy will finally fail.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Red Pill Philosophy: How To Create a Black Racist

20 years later - nothing but pain

20 years ago Eileen Clark left her husband in Albuquerque NM and took their 2 kids with her.  He never saw them again and appeared on Dr. Phil to plead for their safe return.

In Dec 2014 she plead guilty in exchange for no jail and being allowed to return to England where her now adult kids lived after she established them there.

The father does not know them - nor them him - and chance for any relationship seems unlikley.

South Korea baby exporter?

This article caught my attention as I was not aware of the history - but I found it interesting as (of course) a large part of the cause was 1) rigid Christian mores in South Korea post-1960 2) the rapid economic development in Asia and 3) growing baby-crisis in America as "Population Bomb" rhetoric was promoted in America at same time - leading to many couples abandoning/postponing child-rearing choice until it was too late.

That demographic "shadow" has had global consequences - and it continues today.  I place the blame for these heart-aches squarely on Feminism.

Article PDF

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

St John's NL Women's Shelter questioned on spending/poor oversight

A CBC Investigative Report focused on dubious spending and questionable management practices at "Iris Kirby House" - a Women's Refuge in St John's NL that receives C$2 million per year in funding from the Province.
Overall, the comptroller general's office found "a number of concerns" related to financial oversight and controls.
"When an organization lacks proper segregation of duties or other compensating controls, it is more vulnerable to the risk of fraudulent activity," the report noted.CBC News obtained a partially-redacted version of the document through access to information.  
The comptroller general's office dedicated two-and-a-half pages of the 14-page report to Tobin's compensation.
Iris Kirby House CEO Gail Tobin, says the financial report contains "numerous inaccuracies" and she has hired a lawyer. (CBC)

  • Questions were raised over Executive Compensation.
  • A new Board member was "surprised and disappointed" by many things in the Comptroller Generals Report.
  • The finding showed expenses that "were not a good use of money".
  • Executive Director Gail Tobin is "away from the office on an extended medical leave".
  • Unnamed consultant was paid $177,000 for Staff Development in 2015 but there was not written report available contrary to the agreement.
  • The Comptrollers Report also highlighted spending on "travel, alcohol and meals".
  • Thousands of Gift Cards were distributed without details on who/what the recipient used it for.
The report followed years of questionable financial reporting covered by the local CBC journalists.

This is not a surprise as "Math is Hard" for Feminists and sticking to a schedule and being accountable for expenses are well-recognized aspects of "patriarchal oppression".  In the U.S it is well acknowledged * that VAWA programs exhibit poor program compliance and weak financial accountability.

* Source: RADAR (Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting) "Agenda for VAWA Reform: Reducing Partner Violence, Respecting Civil Liberties and Protecting the Family"  [Downloaded Nov 8, 2016 -]

"Auditors have documented a long-standing pattern of financial mismanagement of VAWA-funded programs. The Government Accountability Office has repeatedly documented shortcomings in program oversight by the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW), including “inconsistent documentation and the lack of systematic data,”50 poor quality evaluations that “raise concerns about whether the evaluations will produce definitive results,”51 and lack of program utilization data that would be “consistent and reliable enough for analysis of the specific information required.”52 Likewise the DoJ Office of the Inspector General has documented wide-scale financial mismanagement, both by recipients of OVW grants 53,54,55 and by the Office on Violence Against Women itself. 56 More than a year after the irregularities were identified, the problems remained unresolved. 57 Finally, reports have been received of embezzlement of VAWA funds 58 and falsification of federal financial reports" 59

50 General Accounting Office. Justice discretionary grants: Byrne Program and Violence Against Women Office grant monitoring should be better documented. Report GAO-02-25, November 2001. 
51 General Accounting Office. Justice impact evaluations: One Byrne evaluation was rigorous; All reviewed Violence Against Women Office evaluations were problematic. Report no. GAO-02-309. March 2002. 
52 General Accountability Office. Services provided to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. Report no. GAO-07-846R. July 9, 2007. 
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57 Department of Justice. Management decisions on audit reports not implemented within one year, as of March 31, 2007. 
58 Theft alleged at abuse shelter. Pioneer Press, Feb. 2006. 
59 SafeHouse plans last appeal of $483,000 penalty by state. June 3, 2006