Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bi-polar mom stabs her 21-yr old daughter to death

Terribly sad case in Edmonton over Xmas Holidays.

In this case the brother walked in while the assault was in progress - but his sister could not be saved.

I think this highlights the risk of NOT having a proper psych evaluation of a parent - in this case the mom suffered from this for 18 years - but clearly was not treated properly after the Dad died in Dec 2015.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Women describes Home Invasion Experience in Canada

I tripped across this personal YT Video account by a Canadian Women - Susan Wachowich - who experienced a suburban Home Invasion that was pretty shocking.   I think the level of crime in our country is evolving to the point where THIS KIND of thug crime is much more PROBABLE than in the past - SO PAY ATTENTION!

It is notable that this was the beginning of a terrible crime spree only a few days before Xmas that ended in two Convenience Store employees being brutally gunned-down.

Although I do not know this women she was staying with a "friend" named "Dobbs" for whom she was in-part conned into believing by the criminals they had some "business" dealings with - and that is IMHO a red-flag.

The robbers were also under the impression that the house contained guns for some reason - which they kept asking for but she didn't know anything about - but she was convinced she would have been murdered if revealed.  

Now maybe that demand by the criminals was just a educated guess - but I suspect they HAD A REASON TO BELIEVE GUNS WERE IN THIS HOME and TARGETED it for that reason.  Perhaps they knew about  "Dobbs" through someone who worked or knew about this from the a Car Stereo shop he managed.

These are not the kind of retail establishments where criminal enterprise is unknown as they can often be lined to Pawn-Shops or worse "Chop-shops".  Indeed in these articles below "Dobbs" makes a point in challenging the Police on why they picked on him - whereas the CTV Reporter noted that the Police "do not believe the Home Invasion was random" suggesting they have some info they are not releasing about the whole case.  So there are RISKS involved with someone who owns guns and ANYONE should be careful in making this know widely (especially as a women) and be very wary of random approaches by strangers.

To me it REINFORCES that anyone owning guns in their home is a LEGAL (like in the much-criticized RCMP Gun-Grab during 2013 floods in Southern Alberta) or ILLEGAL =(like this one) risk.   Make sure that you family does not brag about gun ownership or disclose this kind of information at all.  

In the lowbar to this video this gal links to the many media reports about the crime and I have attempted to summarize here.

HuffPo Dec 23, 2015:  Woman In YouTube Video Claims Her House Was Invaded By Mac's Murder Suspects

CBC National Dec 23, 2015:   Home Invasion Victim Tells Her Story

CBC Edmonton Dec 23, 2015:   Woman claims her house was invaded by Mac's murder suspects

Global Edmonton Dec 23, 2015:  Women describes being chocked, threatened.

Edmonton Journal Dec 23, 2015 - Crime on criminals, namely home invasions, fuelling increase of guns in Edmonton

National Post Dec 23, 2015 - Woman says she was bound, beaten in violent home invasion

CBC News Dec 23, 2015 - "I screamed as loud as I could': Woman says

Metro News - Edmonton:  Sherwood Park woman describes vicious home invasion

CTV Edmonton - Women details home invasion

CBC Edmonton Dec 30, 2016  - 1 year later: No charges in assault linked to year-old Edmonton Mac's murder case

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Modern Feminism is a joke

This skit on SNL over past week-end shows how Modern Feminism has become a joke.

Federalist article points out the "Women's March for Freedom" on this weeks upcoming Trump Inauguration and their hypocrisy in EJECTING Pro-Life Women who disagree with Trump!    Identity Politics takes another hostage.

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Friday, January 06, 2017

Evidence absent on Russian Hacking U.S Election for Trump

This is the same theme as late November and it seems to me to be an attempt to de-legitimize the Trump Election Victory.   Trump should steer away form endorsing this.   Wikileaks noted with sarcasm the "late Fri Nite" Special aspect so that the MSM would be able to let the story die over NFL Wildcard Weekend.

This is a true test of President Trump's commitment to purge the GOP of Neo-Conservative war-mongers.

Cancer Death Rates for Men 40% higher than women in U.S

The cancer death rate is 40 percent higher for men than women, and the incidence of cancer is 20 percent higher in men. The cancer death rate in the United States has dropped by 25 percent since its 1991 peak, resulting in 2 million fewer cancer deaths than if the rate had stayed the same, the American Cancer Society said Thursday in a new report.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

When is news fake?

Ok apart from this "boo-boo"  in July 2013 - when a local TV News reporter forgot to ask who they were speaking to before broadcasting results on-air - we have other examples of reporters treating many other questionable news sources as legit - such as these guys*.   (h/t to 1791L)

So we turn to the allegations by President Obama that due to Russian hacking of the U.S Elections he is expelling 35 Russian diplomats - and supposed evidence of this crime finding that ONCE again the terms have changed.  Wikileaks Julian Assange re-iterated in a Sean Hannity interview the other night that it was FALSE yet James Clapper head of CIA had called this wrong and suggests he is an enemy of America for revealing deeply classified secrets that put members of America's diplomatic and Armed Forces at serious risk.  Still waiting for the proof of these explosive charges (I mean apart from TRUST ME - I KNOW THIS STUFF!  I mean no-one would risk an international conflagration with a former major nuclear power over empty rhetoric - right?)

And finally this:

* Slate: The Bad Research behind the Bogus claim that North Carolina is no longer a democracy Jan 4, 2017.  Archive of Pippa Norris comments

Article PDF

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Is "Prop or Not" Agitprop

One of the things that reinforces if this new #FakeNews hashtag is Democrat policy is this website.

IMHO no one but Soros/MoveOn plans this kind of "contingency" grass-root push-back so early (the video was dated Oct 31, 2016) except perhaps the CIA.  But then no one is named either in this pretty impressive effort - it is just a "network" of "concerned" progressives.  How convenient!   Then we just happen to have Sam Bee doing a report on it!   The Enemedia Progressive Industry Complex strikes again!  And look at this 40 page Analysis?  Coincidence?  I think not - and not very well hidden either.

[P.S  I have also heard about a Troll Army - but it is as likely to be American as Russian.]

Among the TOP "Enemy" newsites listed is (obviously) but also included many who have been repeater "echo-sites" from Alex Jones for years such as ZeroHedge and Paul Craig Roberts (he was a well known contributor to Forbes as well as Conservative working for Reagan WH).   Surprisingly - a close advisor to Donald J. Trump - is missing as was Brietbart but they may be legitimate websites associated with different constellations in the (Alt-Right) Conservative firmament.

Now - all this is in good clean fun until the bodies start to drop and Exhibit #1 is Seth Rich.  I note that WikiLeaks STILL has a $20,000 Bounty on any info that leads to an arrest in his case even though Julian Assange maintains "no comment" on his involvement with DNC leaked emails.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Main-Stream Media in denial about own failures

You can't make this stuff up.

A&E canceled its series Escaping the KKK: A Documentary Exposing Hate in America last week after the network announced it had discovered that cash payments were made to some of the subjects of the series “in order to facilitate access.”

“We were betrayed by the producers and A&E,” one of the series’ subjects, KKK Grand Dragon Richard Nichols, told Variety. “It was all made up — pretty much everything we said and did was fake and because that is what the film people told us to do and say.”

But then only Conservatives can humorously contemplate this:

The Ricky Bobby Presidency.    It is pretty funny - but unlikely - except in a bizzare meme type of way.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Two more #FakeNews events?

Immediately following the New Year - 2 articles in LARGE MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS have surfaced MORE legitimate cases of what I will call #FakeNews.

1) Myrah Carey's New York Times Square New Years Eve appearance was marred by a production screw-up.   Fingers are being pointed by Tom Clarke Productions and Ms Carey's publicists.  However it is alleged that AFTER the traditional "Auld Lang Syne" set-piece the singer began to experience "audio" difficulties as her hit songs began to play and it was obvious she could not keep up or perhaps more likely was intending to lip synch.

As I view this video (above) - it seems OBVIOUS that there was some kind of problem between her lips and the words during "Auld Lang Syne" (hard to tell with the cutaways, smoke machine and jittery hand-cam I know) and it just got worse after that.

So this is one of the top singers in America and early in her career it was clear she had a great voice and is a beauty - but her personal life has been (no surprise) a roller-coaster and I wonder if this kind of performance failure has not become an issue in the past BUT NO-ONE SAID ANYTHING TO THE THOUSANDS OF ADORING FANS WHO PAID HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS TO ATTEND HER CONCERTS?   Yeah - I am 100% sure the media has lied about this before.


2)  WaPo claims "Russians hack Utility Grid" - has to retract within 24 hrs after InfoWars debunks.

InfoWars debunks the article easily by following Journalism 101 - read local report, do some research, tracks down person at company to get facts (on holiday week), prints truth.   WaPo and rest of adrift Legacy Media eventually come around after being scooped.  SAD.

Although I guess it is some kind of progress as BEFORE InfoWars became so famous - this lie might have dragged on for weeks AND no one would have tipped InfoWars for the win.  Given the fuss from MSM after this Presidential Election - shouldn't some hapless cub reporter lose their job?  (Probably not - they will be promoted to top spot).

Happy New Year 2017