Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Independent Counsel Mueller 1 Year Anniversary - When will the Witch Hunt End?

May 19 marks to 1 year Anniversary of the appointment of Special Independent Council Robert Mueller and the White House has made it clear that they wish the "Witch-Hunt" of finding Russian Collusion to be completed as it is interfering with the execution of the Presidents duties.

Well-know pundit (and Lawyer) Lionel addresses the question of whether Mr Mueller is in fact operating within the bounds of the law after an article appeared in the WSJ on this issue.

The inescapable conclusion is that Mueller is acting far beyond the scope of his authority and is in all likelihood acting Illegally and Unconstitutionally.

On this basis there is little chance ANY of the supposed indictments made by Mueller can be upheld in court.  However the impact in the Court of Public Opinion would be devastating - which is likely why President Trump dares not to order a shut down of the investigation.

But as the investigations by the Senate Intelligence Committee proceed apace it seems that more and more an advantage is accruing to the President as the Deep State machinations are being bared for all to see - and it ain't pretty.

Emails show FBI discussed Dossier with CNN

John Brennan should take the cyanide pill now.

Public Evidence about Crossfire Hurricane Demands Full Investigation, Stat

This "matter" when all is said and done is so much bigger an abuse of DOJ/FBI/CIA powers than the Watergate Scandal - that it will be amazing to see what happens to the Deep State operatives.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Improbable Cause - Family Breakdown leads to 3 murders

I read this sad story in the Toronto Star this week.   It is yet another example of how the legacy of Family Breakdown can drive otherwise normal people to extreme and deadly actions - in this case the shocking death of a divorced Dad (Caleb Harrison) and his supportive elderly parents - Bill and Bridget Harrison.

We do not learn much of the legal challenges encountered but it seems a crisis in the Medical Examiner community contributed to poor procedures and communications by Police and Forensic Pathologists contributed to missed opportunities to identify a killer.

It is a long article but essentially it boils down to this:
  • The mysterious death of a single Dad (Caleb) triggers a re-appraisal of 2 other recent deaths of his parents.
  • These deaths were considered odd and suspicious by Family at the time but little effort by Police were made to investigate.   Part of the reason for this failure was lack of communications with and clear procedures in place by the Provincial Medical Examiners.
  • There was a crisis atmosphere at the Ontario ME Office as the first death of Caleb's dad Bill (not at first considered "suspicious") coincided with the discovery of a rotten Pathologist Charles Smith. (I Smith was found to have provided false and defamatory evidence in many cases leading to a wholesale review of all his cases and overhaul of the Ontario Medical Examiners Office.
  • The previous odd deaths were first Caleb's dad - Bill - soon followed by his mother Bridget after Caleb and secured a Divorce from his ex-wife Mellissa.  
  • During both deaths (not considered murders) there was alot of turmoil  between Caleb and his ex-wife Melissa over custody of their son and other issues.
  • Once Caleb died and it was clear thats it was murder - it set in motion a review of how and why his parents died.  With Caleb's ex-wife - Melissa Merritt - and her new husband, Chris Fattore - the prime suspects.   
  • While under surveillance they provided evidence that eventually lead to their conviction - although much was deemed "tainted" by Police actions - both were sentenced to 25 yrs in jail
Caleb Harrison was found dead in his Mississauga home on Aug. 23, 2013

PDF of article

Friday, June 02, 2017

CEO Gender Gap exists

21 Females CEO's make a median compensation of US$13.8 million vs the US$11.6 median of 386 male CEO's.    How is this fair?   I demand parity as we know that Men should not get paid LESS FOR THE SAME WORK!   Who could argue that men do not deserve to be discriminated against?  

I recommend that all female Fortune 500 CEO's take a 16% pay cut immediately to right  this wrong.

Females    21 x  $13.8 =    $289.8  x  84%  =  $243.4 / 21 =  $11.6    [    5.2%
Males     386 x $11.6  =  $4477.6                                                        [  94.8%
TOTAL                           $4767.4                 $4721.0         [ -1.0%    [100.0%

Finally - Ontario women jailed for false accusation of ex-husband's assault/rape

Finally Jennifer Gauthier's lie about her husband's attack get sent to jail for 60 days.   She claimed her ex-husband had choked and tried to rape her in Sept 2015 and until she recanted he had spent 19 days in jail.

The Judge accepted the Crowns recommendation but said at sentencing "Quite frankly I feel the Crowns position of 60 days jail is a very lenient one".

And pray tell Judge - would a man get away with this light a sentence if reversed?   Don't make me laugh.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why does John Q Public not trust the media?

The MSM needs to ask themselves why only 32% of Americans have "a great deal" or "fair amount" of trust in the media - an all-time low.

Here are some recent examples of why this may be occurring.

In the first 100 days stories about Trump were 80% negative vs only 20% positive.   In no week did it drop below 70% negative.

In comparison over their first 100 days Bill Clinton was 60% negative, George W Bush 57% negative and Obama 59% positive.
CNN Anderson Cooper accuses opponent of approving a gross, scatological activity ON-AIR!   He apologized afterwards but is has only been a couple of weeks since his "extreme eye rolling" insult towards Trump PR advisor Kellyanne Conway which shows how the intolerant left can't practice what they preach.

Again a former CIA employee makes some pretty MISLEADING if not ILLEGAL claims on CNN about Congressman Trey Gowdy's questions of former NSA Chief Brennan who is testifying before a Congressional Hearing on recent Intel matters.

They seem pretty overblown and may even be expected from a Democrat operative - but a supposed "neutral" commentator?

The media further discredits themselves by behaving in highly partisan ways while hypocritically claiming to be "balanced".   This is ridiculous.

In this case a Buzzfeed reporter is conducting a Search and Destroy Campaign against online advertisers on FOX Opinion Leader Sean Hannity show - calling up to 50 company's to challenge their online ad campaigns and asking why they supported a "bigoted and racist" media organization (with out legitimate examples).
This is a witch-hunt against conservative opinions.

In this case an Associated Press (AP) "Reporter" broke rules on a closed GOP fundraiser and reported on the event despite her solemn pledge not to.   She would have been barred unless she agreed but many other media abided by their word.  Why not her?

In 2014 in this shocking behaviour CNN (again) Anchor Carol Costello laughs at audio clip of obviously distressed daughter Bristol Palin who was describing her assault to Police on the scene in Anchorage AK.

It seems clear that the assault on her and her sister was at least partially Politically motivated as her mother Sarah Palin was a former Governor and Republican VP Nominee.  Certainly there was nothing to suggest they were behaving in a disorderly manner which may have contributed to the dust-up.

If this had happened to a failed Democratic Nominee's daughter - would CNN be taking such obvious pleasure in this violence?

Finally,  former CBS Journalist Sharyl Attkisson - who first broke the scandal of the ATF "Fast and Furious" Gunwalking scandal that began under the Bush Administration but continued in an expanded fashion with Obama.

Because of this scoop and her dogged follow-up coverage of the people involved she found herself under clandestine surveillance which given her status as a member of the media - was a very troubling discovery.  Ultimately her employer failed to renew her "contract" and a book was born.   Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama's Washington.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Was UNC Rape a Hoax? Probablly

Andrea Pino, a 25-year-old Miami native and former student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been hailed as a heroine of the campus sexual assault survivors’ movement.

Pino, who has told a harrowing story of being raped at an off-campus party in 2012, was a main author of a landmark 2013 Title IX complaint that accused UNC of indifference to victims. A co-founder of the group End Rape on Campus with her friend and fellow UNC alumna Annie Clark, Pino has had the ear of politicians and journalists; she was one of the stars of the 2015 campus rape documentaryThe Hunting Ground, has co-authored an acclaimed book titled We Believe You, and is still a frequent speaker on college campuses.
Now, a new book on the controversies surrounding sexual assault on campus strongly challenges Pino’s credibility.