Thursday, July 17, 2014

Honest "Courtesan" speaks

This was a pleasant surprise from libertarian blog at

I refer to my previous blog post on the "Economics of a Courtesan".

At the beginning a "definition" is debunked - and well-known feminst Katha Politt comment on this definition seems to mirror the character of "Fantine" in film version of "Les Miserables"

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

International Men's Issues Conference - Detroit, June 2014

Barbara Kay spoke at recently organized International Men's Issues Conference in Detroit last week and mentions it is this National Post article about how a key Men's group in Ontario - CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality) was unfairly "bounced" from the Toronto Pride Parade.  There were a few other accounts by reporters who attended the Detroit conference.

Some feminists derisively believe this video captures the essence of this "Men's Issues" conference.

Honeybadgers are badass!

The HoneyBadger Brigade got a number of honourable mentions in many articles about the Men's Issues Confernce in Detroit last weekend - and even Karen Straughan gave a brief description of a humourous video that AVFM used to describe them.  I admit it cracked me up - so for posterity - here it is.

MGTOW (courtesy of Rex Harrison)

After this article about feminism - it struck me that Rex Harrison was describing the MGTOW movement years ago in popular musical "My Fair Lady".

The New Pornography?

Two videos by wise women (despite one being from 1993).

Kelly Jones approach to feminism is very entertaining - but she was responding to very offensive, irrational and I would say dangerously deranged and mis-characterized article by Aussie feminist Clementine Ford.

Camille Paglia makes some great points AND I loved her book "Sexual Personae" as art/literary criticism. But in it she also makes many wonderful observations.
Sex is a dangerous combustible force.  Gay men have known for centuries that the price of sex is potential death.

(and Paglia again - unrepentant - in 2012.)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Everything we learnt from Feminists

How men/boys dissappear

Another article that reports on another severe and deadly persecution of Christians in Kenya by Islamic death-squads - and that removes any references to gender when perpetrated against men and boys.
Somali militants who murdered 48 people in a Kenyan village as they watched the World Cup went door to door asking residents if they were Muslim or spoke Somali - and shot them dead if either answer was 'no', witnesses revealed today.
The attack on the coastal village of Mpeketoni, about 30-miles southwest of the tourist centre of Lamu, came at the end of a weekend of bloodshed that has exposed the world to the shocking depravity of terrorists, apparently emboldened by each other's acts.
Witnesses told how about 30 gunmen - believed to be members of Somali terror group al-Shabaab - arrived in the town in minibuses at 8pm yesterday before bursting into residents homes, shooting dead any man they thought was not Muslim.
'They came to our house at around 8pm and asked us in Swahili whether we were Muslims,' said Anne Gathigi. 'My husband told them we were Christians and they shot him in the head and chest

Magically the men/boys "disappear" as victims - ie they become "people" not men/boys - except when talked about by grieving female relatives who remain alive and able to talk about the atrocities.  Women and girls are always identified as such - usually prefaced by pronouns that magnify their victimhood like "terrorized" or "raped" in stark contrast to "dead" people who will never again breath - or utter an explanation about their brutal murders.

Shame, shame, shame on the the complicit media for perpetuating this disgusting practice.
[see previous post about similar terror group Boko Haram.]

[Article PDF]

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Feminist Lies or Gilding the Lilly?

Sex Trafficking icon - Somaly Mama - revealed as liar.  It appears that she was never trafficked from her village at a young age as many from her village have confirmed that she arrived with her family - contrary to her autobiography.   How she made it to Phnom Penn is also in doubt.

Simon Marks began his investigation when he could not find any official confirmation of 8 murders alleged by Ms Mam.  He also discovered some former supposedly trafficked young women who admitted to have been coached on deceptions by Ms Mam.

Mr. Marks suggested that the "slippery truth" was created to encourage millions of dollars of donations for fundraising by Ms. Mam's Foundation.

CNN report says many were "fooled" by Ms Mam including former U.S First Lady Michelle Obama, U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, current Secretary of State John Kerry, actress Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon, Angelina Jolie, NYT columnist Nicholas Cristof.

I suggest they were all intentionally gullible and willing dupes who uncritically allowed themselves to be misled to underwrite the false narrative of helpless and ruthlessly oppressed women that so conveniently fits their personal and professional personas.


Also in a similar vein - noted African-American spoken-word Poet Maya Angelou died this week at age 86.   She was known to have fabricated certain aspects of her autobiography and hence helped coin the genre "autobiographical fiction"

How many lies does it take to raise a BIG red flag?