Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why does John Q Public not trust the media?

The MSM needs to ask themselves why only 32% of Americans have "a great deal" or "fair amount" of trust in the media - an all-time low.

Here are some recent examples of why this may be occurring.

In the first 100 days stories about Trump were 80% negative vs only 20% positive.   In no week did it drop below 70% negative.

In comparison over their first 100 days Bill Clinton was 60% negative, George W Bush 57% negative and Obama 59% positive.
CNN Anderson Cooper accuses opponent of approving a gross, scatological activity ON-AIR!   He apologized afterwards but is has only been a couple of weeks since his "extreme eye rolling" insult towards Trump PR advisor Kellyanne Conway which shows how the intolerant left can't practice what they preach.

Again a former CIA employee makes some pretty MISLEADING if not ILLEGAL claims on CNN about Congressman Trey Gowdy's questions of former NSA Chief Brennan who is testifying before a Congressional Hearing on recent Intel matters.

They seem pretty overblown and may even be expected from a Democrat operative - but a supposed "neutral" commentator?

The media further discredits themselves by behaving in highly partisan ways while hypocritically claiming to be "balanced".   This is ridiculous.

In this case a Buzzfeed reporter is conducting a Search and Destroy Campaign against online advertisers on FOX Opinion Leader Sean Hannity show - calling up to 50 company's to challenge their online ad campaigns and asking why they supported a "bigoted and racist" media organization (with out legitimate examples).
This is a witch-hunt against conservative opinions.

In this case an Associated Press (AP) "Reporter" broke rules on a closed GOP fundraiser and reported on the event despite her solemn pledge not to.   She would have been barred unless she agreed but many other media abided by their word.  Why not her?

In 2014 in this shocking behaviour CNN (again) Anchor Carol Costello laughs at audio clip of obviously distressed daughter Bristol Palin who was describing her assault to Police on the scene in Anchorage AK.

It seems clear that the assault on her and her sister was at least partially Politically motivated as her mother Sarah Palin was a former Governor and Republican VP Nominee.  Certainly there was nothing to suggest they were behaving in a disorderly manner which may have contributed to the dust-up.

If this had happened to a failed Democratic Nominee's daughter - would CNN be taking such obvious pleasure in this violence?

Finally,  former CBS Journalist Sharyl Attkisson - who first broke the scandal of the ATF "Fast and Furious" Gunwalking scandal that began under the Bush Administration but continued in an expanded fashion with Obama.

Because of this scoop and her dogged follow-up coverage of the people involved she found herself under clandestine surveillance which given her status as a member of the media - was a very troubling discovery.  Ultimately her employer failed to renew her "contract" and a book was born.   Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama's Washington.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Was UNC Rape a Hoax? Probablly

Andrea Pino, a 25-year-old Miami native and former student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been hailed as a heroine of the campus sexual assault survivors’ movement.

Pino, who has told a harrowing story of being raped at an off-campus party in 2012, was a main author of a landmark 2013 Title IX complaint that accused UNC of indifference to victims. A co-founder of the group End Rape on Campus with her friend and fellow UNC alumna Annie Clark, Pino has had the ear of politicians and journalists; she was one of the stars of the 2015 campus rape documentaryThe Hunting Ground, has co-authored an acclaimed book titled We Believe You, and is still a frequent speaker on college campuses.
Now, a new book on the controversies surrounding sexual assault on campus strongly challenges Pino’s credibility.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

UK: Multiple Female Orgasims? Yes, there's an app for that

"Female arousal is a huge market – one that was just waiting to be captured."

Just when you thought western feminist indoctrination on sexuality couldn't get anymore innane the UK media delivers the above quote - completely straight.  Girls, are you not getting your sexual rights - download this.

The OMGYes app

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Patriarchy’s White Privilege History of Yet Another Colonialist Outrage

Following criticism for how the first segment neglected the earliest settlements of Canada in Labrador and Nova Scotia and offended Quebecers sensitivities about how revered explorer Samuel De Champlain was portrayed in a documentary to commemorate Canada's 150th Anniversary - the CBC is in more hot water.

National Post commentator Kelly McParland suggested the ahistorical documentary produced by the national broadcaster CBC should be titled ‘The Patriarchy’s White Privilege History of Yet Another Colonialist Outrage’.

Unlike a previous, well-regarded CBC documentary laboriously produced in 2001 viewers were warned NOT to expect "a comprehensive, linear account of Canada’s history, but a 10-part look at some of the incredible people who helped make Canada the country it is today.”

McParland notes that "On the surface it’s a hackneyed attempt to rev up some interest in the past. But underlying that is a subversive lesson about the absurdity of the navel-gazing, identity-ridden, obsequiously self-flagellating world we’ve allowed to rise up around us and suffocate rational thought."

The program continues weekly until May.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Toronto Media not telling the truth about Ghomeshi accusers

Former CBC media personality Jian Ghomeshi is attempting to put his life back on track after being found not-guilty last year in a high profile case where 3 women alleged he sexually assaulted them.

A prominent Toronto newspaper - The Toronto Star - played a major role in the case being brought to Trial after a long investigation of salacious rumours of a "media stars" proclivities favouring "rough sex".

The Star's reporters tracked down the three women involved, interviewed them, facilitated interactions among them and practically challenged the Toronto Police to follow-up and lay charges at the same time as detailing events for readers.

By the time the trial began Ghomeshi had been fired from his daily CBC radio program and had practically been "hung, drawn and quartered" in the media by feminists groups across the country. Further inflaming feminists ire was fact Ghomeshi was being represented by a well-regarded, female Defense counselor named Marie Henein.

As it turned out Henein's job of dismissing the charges were remarkably easy given that the Plaintiffs perjured themselves and then colluded amongst themselves to frame Ghomeshi for the non-crime of consensual sex.

"DeCoutere and Redgrave revealed themselves at trial to be at best unreliable and at worst to be complete strangers to the truth."

What remains is the media's complicity in masterminding a witch-hunt that unnecessarily ruined a man's life, incited feminist groups to remain in "high dungeon" for over two years and wasted untold Court time, Law Enforcement resources and taxpayer funds.

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Saturday, April 08, 2017

"Gold Digger" of different sort

97 days after he was found dead - fading desolute pop star George Micheals was laid to rest.   In this Sun Newspaper article it was revealed that the ex-star's boyfriend Fadi Fawz had an £1million book offer in hand.  The family apparently considered him a "Gold Digger" and banned him from the Wake but a Sun reporter tipped him off to the location.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Another "Family Court" catastrophe by Christie Blatchford

Senior Court reporter Christie Blatchford of the National Post continued her investigative series about Family Court Dysfunction today with "Ontario Dad paying twice his after-tax income to Ex".

It is a familiar story of a father caught in a legal system that takes its sweet time - together with a massive infusion of a fathers personal wealth - in dealing with unmerited legal challenges.  And all the while the system grinds him down in a legal extortion racket.

He now owes over $500,000 to FRO (Ontario "Family Responsibility Office") and tries to keep going while the "system" keeps showering him with dirt in an attempt to bury him.

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